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A tribute to the industrial development of Los Angeles County in the late 40’s. This was a time when gold was the trade and the railway passing through Newhall was the main transport from LA to San Francisco. This was the foundation of the Santa Clarita Valley in the early 1900’s, and the development of the area, the first LA Count liquor license was issued… Yes, Eighth & Rail’s liquor license was the first recorded as Derrick’s Saloon back in 1878, making the bar 138 years old! So, with that said, we would like to invite you down to be a part of the newest chapter, in a very old book!


“Outside patio available should you desire, booths surround the dance floor and center stage for a bit of that “House of Blues” feel.” in 14 reviews

“They have their resident DJ shadowman who knows his way around a spinning record.” in 12 reviews
Music: DJ

“Everyone loves to hate on the Vu (myself included), but at the end of the day it’s a local bar that doesn’t charge entry (unless it’s band night), generally has a DJ most nights and cheap drinks.” in 11 reviews
Taps Valley Gastropub

Virginia R. said “I always pass by this place on my way to the gym next door, and have been wanting to give it a try.. So one Friday morning I call and ask if kids are ok, the girl on the phone was more than helpful and…” read more
Drew’s Tickets
Michael T. said “I’ve been working with these guys the past 2 years with ticket consignment. They help me sell tickets to various concerts. In the past couple of years these guys have proved to me that they have my bes