The Vu Circa Hall

Established in 1878.

the-vu-old-pictureNewhall was a thriving western town, stacked with hotels, trading posts & saloons.

Local constable, Joseph Leighton, ran one of the many taverns in town. The one most notorious was the Derrick Saloon located on the corner of 8th & Main St. (now Railroad Ave.), steps from the train station.  Leighton employed a pair of sisters from New York named Dora and Flora May Lake to run the saloon. They not only offered libations for general currency, but also gold dust and anything else worth trading.

The girls continued operations for many years, raising a family that in turn carried on the business. Many decades later, after changing ownership a number of times, the name was changed to the Rendezvous; still home to local cowboys, gold diggers & railroad passengers traveling between Los Angeles & San Francisco.  This simple little bar would go on to be one of the longest running businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley & one of the oldest drinking establishments in all of LA County!

We’ve recently made a number of upgrades; such as stage, sound/lighting, private booths & a furnished patio… transforming this round-the-corner bar into the live entertainment lounge it is today. It’s not a big place and the bathrooms are unfortunately small, we know & can’t do anything about it. But we do big things with the space we have! Enjoy fresh & lively entertainment almost every night; showcasing tons of local and imported talent. Each night offers